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From the Desk of Tom Hua

I am SORRY! I couldn't show you how to make $10,000 in 24 hours! But, I can show you how to make a living on the Internet. I have been doing it since 1998 and I want to take you by the hand and show you exactly what I have done ... so that YOU can do it, too!

Forget the HYPE… Internet marketing isn't as easy as some people claim that it is. Don't be disappointed... YOU can make a living on the Net if you know what to sell and how to sell.

I have been doing it since 1998! Please click here to see some of the images of my actual pay checks. As you can see, I have achieved total sales of more than $7,000 - in just 15 days. In addition to these two accounts at ClickBank, I also accept payments via other processing companies as options for my customers. Therefore, my income is actually greater than what you saw on the checks.

How much could YOU make if you did what I did?

80% of what you see is 11,200/month ($134,400/year)
50% of what you see is   7,000/month ($  84,400/year)
30% of what you see is   4,200/month ($  50,400/year)
20% of what you see is   2,800/month ($  33,600/year)
10% of what you see is   1,400/month ($  16,800/year)

Honestly, I couldn't guarantee how much you will make. Your personal success depends on numerous other factors. But I can show you what I have done so that you can do the same! You can visualize yourself duplicating my efforts, can't you?

What am I doing? Selling eBooks!

The Internet is all about Information. Selling Information products on line is the best business you could ever have by far! You probably already knew this. But, did you also know there can be a problem if you're not selling the right information products?

aren't YOU making money by selling eBooks?

Well, information overload is everyone's problem on the Internet today. If you are going to sell information products on line you must sell high quality products to be able to stand out from the crowd.


These are actually Quality books! I'm surprised. You've definitely separated yourself from the pack with this deal. This is the Best Offer on the net for eBook sellers or anyone wanting to Sell eBooks. I rarely send out offers to my list of customers but they'll be hearing about this one for sure!

Allen Says (The Internet Marketing Warriors)


And the best kept secret of eBook selling is that you must make your products work for you after you have sold them: to get backend sales and ongoing profits for months and even years to come. 

This is what most eBook Publishers Don't want You to know!

eBranding - putting your name on the eBooks, is just not enough! You must let the eBooks you are selling do some real work for YOU and work to their maximum.

This is where the eBookWholesaler Membership comes in What you get for your membership at eBookWholesaler is ...


I almost Couldn't Believe it when I first saw this offer. I think it is Way Under-priced. You get Dozens of High Quality eBooks written by Top Authors ... all for one small monthly fee. There are dozens of copycats in the marketplace selling rights, but no one even comes close to this quality at this low price.

Terry Dean (bizpromo.com)


From the moment you login, you will have

1.  Exclusive eBooks and Software
349 Titles as of 5 July 2015   more...


Personalize your PDF eBooks Instantly!
A World First in The Entire e-Publishing Industry!
PDF format has become the global standard for electronic publishing. eBooks in PDF format can be viewed in and/or printed by most Operating Systems used on either the PC or the MAC. Back in March, 2002, at eBookWholesaler, we already started offering PDF eBooks that you can instantly personalize and download from our server. Simply fill in your personal information in the form provided, and our system will produce a PDF eBook complete with your personalized links in seconds.

Each Month You will get Additional Exclusive top quality eBooks with Resell Rights developed by expert publishers only. The retail value of the eBooks added each month is guaranteed to be at least $27.00 U.S. 

Each title comes with a professionally designed eBook cover and its own ready-to-use Killer Mini Site.  

Sample Site1  Sample Site 2  Sample Site 3  Sample Site 4
Close that Window to come back here.

These products are EXCLUSIVELY supplied to you, our members. To protect you from competition we will not release them anywhere else. And we will not retail them ourselves. Our job is to help YOU to sell as many copies as you possibly can.

Most importantly, every additional eBook can be fully Personalized (not just Branded) exactly as the way you want in order to generate maximum backend sales and ongoing profits for YOU - so you know every copy you sell is going to work for YOU - and continue bringing you an endless stream of income for years to come. More...


2. Your Start Pack - Top 10 Titles from my FreeToSell Package.

Every Title can be Fully Personalized with

  • Your Name/Business Name

  • Your Own Web Site URL

  • Your email address

  • Your eBookWholesaler's affiliate ID More...

  • Your Warrior/Host4Profit affiliate ID 
    or Any Other Hosting Service you prefer (Optional)

  • Your NetBreakthroughs affiliate ID
    or Any Other Marketing Site you prefer (Optional)

  • Your Favorite Affiliate Program

so that you will be promoting your own web site plus other quality lifetime income generators at the same time. More...


3. eBook Marketing Resources

Provided by us and our Expert Partners to help you to sell your eBooks. Enjoy Fresh Tips weekly, as well as new marketing opportunities and advertising resources that are posted as soon as they are discovered.

  • Beginners Area - specially designed to help newcomers to start their Internet adventure.

  • Advanced Area - designed for experienced Net Marketers.

  • Do it All Free Area - for those who have more time than money.

  • Paid Options - for those who have more money than time.

  • Other Recommended Services

Get Paid Forever

We have designed this program especially for YOU. We want to make sure that each eBook copy you sell is going to work for YOU, and for your long-term benefit. Every eBook you get from us will have Your Affiliate ID in it. Each copy you sell is a little salesman of yours. When your readers like what they read and see in your quality eBooks, they will come to our site with your ID. If they decide to become members within 365 days - just like you did - for each of those you've introduced, you will get $24.79 for the first month and $9.99 every month thereafter, for as long as they remain a member.

Please Note: To protect you from people stealing your commission, our Affiliate Program is available for our valuable Members Only!  More...

I've seen a lot of opportunities come and go online. This one is Here to Stay. Tom gives you resale rights to New info products Every Month, and even gives you Pre-written and designed Websites to sell them from. (These are Brand New eBooks written by Well Known Authors, not the usual eBooks you see flying through your email every day.) But the Most Exciting thing about Tom's offer is that these New eBooks belong to YOU. You resell them and Keep 100% of the Profits. Not only do you make money from the initial sale of your fully personalized eBooks, but you Continue to Make Money for life because the eBooks Generate Backend Residual Income as well. Tom makes this easy by letting you plug Proven Affiliate Program Links into Your Personalized eBooks. 

Jim Daniels (JDD Publishing)


5. Your Bonuses

(1) eBook SECRETS

This Magnificent 420-page manual by Ken Silver is regarded as the eBook Publisher's Bible. Ken is selling it for $39.00 at his web site. I have paid him $900 for resell rights. There are only 20 people in the world who have the resell rights to this title. It's yours Free - if you become a member today. More...

65 Instant Web Design Answers

Discover 65 Incredible Ways To Turn Your Web Site Into a Killer! For the first time ever, secrets so closely guarded by professional web designers are revealed! Packed with knowledge and skills of a professional web designer that took years for a professional web designer to master! 

These Cutting Edge web design tips and tricks can be downloaded and used within minutesMilana Nastetskaya is selling this Brand New eBook for $29.95 at her web site. It's yours Free if you become a member today. More...

(3) Be Your Own Boss

This Brand New eBook by Bob Smith is integrated into an archive of over 1,900 articles written by successful full time Internet marketing professionals. You will find valuable marketing information and resources not published anywhere else on the Internet at any price. Bob is selling it for $29.95 at his web site. It's yours free - if you become a member today. More...

. Member's Support

Teresa King, one of the most knowledgeable and helpful Internet marketers from The Internet Warriors Group, is in charge of our member's support team so that our members will get the best possible customer care ... that's what you deserve! There's also a searchable database of information, and a Members Forum where you can ask any questions you like and get answers from the Moderator and/or from other members. Our members forum is one of the best and most active Internet marketing forums out there today.

7.  ClickBank BookStore

ClickBank Bookstore is a script that provides an easy and secure way to offer our products to your website visitors. It allows you to quickly and easily start selling ebooks from eBookWholesaler. And it's FREE for our members!

You always read posts on the marketing forums asking,  "What can I sell to make money?" This site provides the answer to that question, Again, and Again, and Again!

Bob Silber (ebookpublications.com)

Now, The Price

The membership fee to eBookWholesaler is currently $67.00 for the first 30 days and $27.00/month thereafter. Exclusive Resell License to quality information products would cost you at least $97 each if you had to purchase them otherwise. I'm not going to overwhelm you by telling you that you will get a grand total value of 349x$97=$33,853 for your membership. Exactly How much the membership is worth to you is not only up to us, you see. It's really very much up to YOU. It's how you use it. If you sign up today, but never come back to visit and to utilize the many benefits awaiting you on the membership site then it's worth nothing to you. What I can tell you, for sure, is that the $67.00 Entry Fee is a Very Good Price considering all that you will get in return, and the potential income to you.

1. You are guaranteed to get your investment back as soon as you join, just from the value of Your Start Pack, Exclusive eBooks and Bonus items.

2. By selling 1-2 Copies of the eBooks we supply to you, your membership is Free.

3. Sign up Three new members, and you're In Profit for life

Using a professional web site like this one, How long would it take YOU to sign up three new members?

4. You'll get so much more than just quality eBooks. I'm offering you everything you need to be successful. Go ahead ... Read every word on this page again, and you'll see the potential of this whole program! I know YOU want more and need more than just selling eBooks!

Where have you seen another web site with a full program that gives you Exclusive and Quality products Every Month that you can SELL and keep all the money?

Zero Risk Guarantee!

You will receive Instant Access to Member's Only site. Try it out for a full 30 days. If you are dissatisfied, then you get a Full Refund of your Investment. No Questions Asked!

YOU are in total control. You may cancel your membership at anytime by simply clicking your mouse. You don't even need to ask for it to be done.

As one of the Top Sellers of ClickBank and the Winner of our Reseller's Contest, Tom Hua always stands behind his Quality Products and Great Offers. He is a True Pioneer of Internet Marketing Digital Products. What really sets him apart from the rest is his Professionalism, Credibility and best of all, Excellent After Sales Customer Support. It has been my pleasure to do business with him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone!

Dan Henderson (Vice President, ClickBank.com)

Click Here to Join Us

Both Credit Card and Checks accepted.
Your Investment is Tax Deductible as a business expense.


I'm not going to use a Script to tell you that this offer is going to expire at midnight of .You are smart enough to see through these kinds of tricks.

The truth is that eBookWholesaler Membership has been - and will continue to be - a very, very successful program because of our commitment to our members. We are adding more and more exclusive eBooks with resell rights to the member's only area every month. In order to protect our current members, we have no choice but to increase the membership Entry Fee as we grow. This can happen Very, Very Soon now since the Value of the 349 EXCLUSIVE eBooks alone is Too Good to be last! All I can tell you is that if YOU act right now you'll get this low price locked in for as long as you are a member ... no matter how high the price may go in the future.

Do YOU believe that the earlier you join us, the better position you would be in - in the market place?

Why wait any longer when YOU can try it Risk Free Today

I sincerely suggest YOU Join Us Now.


In the membership area, I'll also show you how to bid 17 cents at Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture.com) and get as many visitors as someone who bids more than $2.00. This proven technique that I am using every day will save you 91% of your advertising dollar at the Pay Per Click (P-P-C) sites.


You will also get a Free Powerful Auto Responder/Follow up System. You may choose to use the 7 day e-course we have pre-written for you or any other email messages you have. This is another way we help you succeed.


Click Here to Join Us
Both Credit Card and Checks accepted.
Your Investment is Tax Deductible as a business expense.




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